Have you met our boss lady? Cynthia is in and out of C3 all day; everyday. Her delightful heart and friendly face greet the wonderful people we serve as she manages our excellent team.  She has been a North Carolina resident since 2006 and loves to say, “this is her home”.  After a successful career with Bank of America, she opted to step into the roll of “Stay at home mommy-boss”!  However, the itch for the marketplace returned and here we are.  As a woman in business, she finds great reward in the ability to simply be herself.

“The city is growing in dynamic ways and we’re glad the people of Concord have allowed us to be a part of their story.” – Cynthia

Favorite Coffee: white chocolate mocha latte 🍮🍮
Crepe: C3 Signature Carolina Love 🍓
Ice cream: C3 Signature Skinny Chunk 🍨
Waffle: C3 strawberry banana 🔥

Favorite song growing up: Bon Jovi, “Livin’ on a Prayer”

Excellence is our goal!