Hello World,

In a time when coffee is the king of all social drinks and readily available through many outlets, one has to wonder why ours provides such a pleasantly different experience to the taste buds.

The simple answer is #WeAreC3.  The more complex answer starts in a land far far away, where people often have an “exotic” appearance and speak many beautiful languages; a place called Florida to be exact.  It is there that our roaster tells the preamble to our local process.  They explain it like this.

We begin with some of the best green coffee we can source directly from farmers or through strategic broker partnerships. Cupping fresh, current crop (think seasonal) coffees will allow us to make informed decisions and only purchase the right coffee we feel can be made into something special through our small batch roasting process. Coffees are then profiled (each of course being different) in order to find that “sweet spot”. We then roast these coffees to the ideal temperature(s)/profiles in order to develop those complex flavors, sweetness and clarity that result in a balanced cup.

Once Switch Box delivers our beans we then take them through a process of resting that allows the flavors and aromas to come into their full potential as the beans continue to release their gases.  At their highest potential, they go through a daily process of testing for the best grind metrics in light of the outside and inside temperature, humidity, and age of the roasted beans.  After that, every coffee drink is ground to perfection, weighed, and brought to temperature to be sure the various flavors can be experienced.  To make the espresso, the water is heated to the perfect temperature to unlock the glory of the ground coffee beans.  As the espresso shot is pulled, it is put under a delicate computation of both time and weight.  At C3, every coffee beverage comes with a double shot of espresso to maintain a pleasant coffee experience in the midst of the silky milk that comes with lattes and Cappuccinos. We find no need to charge our VIP’s for an extra shot simply to make the drink properly.

And that my friend is one way we provide a pleasantly different experience to the taste buds.