The Story

At C3, we believe everyone should be loved, and all people should be respected.  C3 is not simply a place where people go to enjoy the best of coffee, luxurious ice cream, delightful crepes, and perfect small bites; we are part of the human experience. A place of culture and curiosity, a think tank for the greatest of ambitions your heart imagines. We are family, hope, living in the moment, excellence, and dreams of the future.

C3 is symbolic of a family. “C” represents the lady of the house and their children signified by the number 3. Over the years we, like many couples, have had many conversations about their hope for the future. The human experience brings emotions about the future that warrant an action.  One of the emotions that arose was a love that desires for “C” to experience, have, and do what she desires because, to him, she deserves it. Behind the desire for “C” was the hope to prepare the “3” for a life that excites and presents them with every opportunity they need to reach their potential. The hopes of husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers found its way into the home of this family. The wife and children became the cause and C3 was born.

The opportunity to travel to over 20 nations on 6 continents inspires a interfusion, or hodgepodge, of culture to form in a person.  Every group of people has a story that goes with their unique culture and forms their way of life.  Experiencing this builds appreciation for that which is great abroad and at home, here in the United States.  C3’s concept and décor brings many nations together to form one expression of excellence.  Having been shaped by both humanity and the Divine, C3 was created to display the hopes and dreams of innumerable families in our communities and insure that those who need inspiration have somewhere to look. This is a story of family, hope, and excellence. C3 means: you can do it.